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Thomas and Jane Rose had seven children, six of whom had families.


The genealogy of these families, is organised in what is known as The Henry System

of numbering.


For the purpose of identification, Thomas and Jane's first son is referred to as Thomas II Rose. He was married firstly to Jane Jones, to whom he had two children, and subsequently to Ann Crew, adding 14 children to the family. Thomas II Rose is numbered 1; being the first born child. 


If we look at his second marriage, the first digit of the left hand side of the children, 1, identifies Thomas as the father. The second digit, 1 = Sarah Rose, 2 = Mary Ann Rose etc as the order of birth.  

Clicking on the rose icon        will open a window with the names of the third generation of the Rose family.

1 Thomas II Rose m Jane Jones 1800

11 Thomas Rose 

12 William Rose m Bridget Neal 1840

1 Thomas II Rose m Ann Crew 1812

11 Sarah Rose 1813 - 1813

12 Mary Ann Rose 1815 - 1815 

13 John Rose 1816 - 1835

14 Elizabeth Mary m William John Cobcroft 1840

15 George William Rose m Elizabeth Palmer (Rodgers) 1856

16 Joseph Rose m Alice Esther Graham 1854

17 Mary Ann Rose m Matthias Graham 1850

18 Richard Rose m Rosanna Green (Richardson) 1848

19 Keziah Jane Rose 1827 - 1828

IX James Lionel Rose m Isabella Elizabeth Cross 1856

1A Maria Rose m George Stewart 1853

1B Charlotte Rose m(1) James Flannery 1851 

1B Charlotte Rose m(2) Richard Carter 1858

1C Charles Rose m Mary Anne Green 1859

1D Catherine Rose 1838 - 1839

2 Mary Rose m William Green (1) 1800

2 Mary Rose m Henry Murray (2) 1807

2 Mary Rose m James Singleton (3) 1814 

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